Whether you model a modern railroad or a turn-of-the-century steam railroad, SwitchList can display realistic paperwork and switchlists to help your crews place those boxcars where they belong. SwitchList comes with four switchlist styles by default, and with a little bit of web page knowledge, you can create your own.
Here’s the four built-in switchlist styles. (Click on each to see a full-sized switchlist in that style.)

“Handwritten” style

Our original style, designed for easy reading in dark garages.

Southern Pacific-style Switchlist:

SP Narrow fragment

Modern PICL Report

PICL fragment

San Francisco Belt Railroad B-7 Form

(See Bill Kaufman’s article on the Belt Line in the July 2009 Railroad Model Craftsman for details on this style of switchlist.)
B7 frag

Custom Switch List Example: Thomas

You can also design your own switch list style; here’s a Thomas the Tank Engine theme to show youstyle switchlist, intended as a demonstration of how you can customize your own switch list style.

Custom Switch List Example: Waybills

Prefer the look of car cards, but don’t want the hassle of creating all those cards? Design a switchlist style that lets you shuffle waybills on your phone! (With this example, swipe or drag with the mouse to switch cards.)waybill