SwitchList Icon


SwitchList's use of divisions is inspired by the FreightCarForwarder program written by Robert Heller.

The Database bits of SwitchList were written using Apple's CoreData framework, and was much easier to implement and maintain as a result. Check it out for your next project.

The "Large Type" version of the switchlist was suggested by an operator on my layout who suggested that using tiny typewriter fonts in a dark garage would force my operators to pull out their bifocals.

I've had several operators ask me how I ever hand-lettered the switchlists so neatly. Thanks for making me happy I took the time to make the switchlists look better.

SwitchList's icon was designed by Jason Etheredge, J&J Designs (JandJDesigns777@gmail.com).

Open Souce Projects Used by SwitchList

Parts borrowed from other open-source project helped make SwitchList better than I could have done on my own.

The "View Switchlists on iPad" feature was implemented with Cultured Code's SimpleHTTPServer code fragment. It's available at http://culturedcode.com/cocoa.

Matt Gallagher's NSFileManager+DirectoryLocations code helps me find user-generated switch list templates.

Matt Gemmell's MGTemplateEngine code generates the web switchlists from user-customizable templates, and helped ensure that you all could try designing your own switchlists. John Engelhart's RegexKit is also a needed part of MGTemplateEngine.

SwitchList includes the Rock Salt font, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, for handwritten switchlists.

SwitchList Contributors

James McNab created the PICL Reports; thank him if you're trying to generate switchlists appropriate for 1980's railroading!

Glyn Thomas created the Railroad Letterhead style; thank him if you're modeling a modern short line.

David Mitchell provided suggestions and rewrites for the documentation. John Houghton tweaked some of the HTML for the web interface.