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Customization: Creating Custom SwitchList Styles

As cute as the default SwitchList styles might be, you might find the standard ones not quite right. Maybe the font sizes are too small, your operators need additional hints or details, or you'd like to match the look of your favorite railroad's paperwork.

Luckily, SwitchList is customizable; by creating an HTML file that describes your switchlist's appearance and dropping it in a special location on your computer, your switchlist style will appear as a choice in the Preferences pane.

Full details are available at the SwitchList development site over on code.google.com, but here's a quick rundown.

First, download the set of alternate switchlist styles to use those as a starting point for your custom switchlist. Download the "Custom Switchlist Templates.zip" file from SwitchList download site, and poke around at the examples. The Thomas the Tank Engine switchlist example shows what can be done with a small bit of work.

Second, create your own. Create an HTML file (the same thing inside every web page) describing your preferred switchlist, color and background, and the like. You'll place special placeholders in your file to indicate where freight cars and other information gets placed.

Third, take your custom switchlist and place a copy in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/SwitchList/[your switchlist name], creating the directory if needed. Full details are available SwitchList development site.

Now, run SwitchList and you'll see your custom switchlist there. It will display, print, and show up in the iPad / web interface just like any other switchlist!

Again, the SwitchList development site has details on how to create your own switchlists and other reports, and customize them to match your needs. Also check out the SwitchList mailing list for advice on writing your own switchlist style.

SwitchList also allows you to customize many of the standard reports - yard report, car report, etc. - to match your switchlist paperwork. Check out the SwitchList development site for more details.

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